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Employment Allowance The employment allowance is a process that has been introduced by the government of the UK to expand the business and allow companies to escalate their financial benefits….

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Audita Ltd
Audita Ltd3 days ago
Everything you need to know about the new Employment Allowance
Audita Ltd
Audita Ltd
Audita Ltd4 days ago
What we can expect from Mr Sunak's Spending review on Wednesday

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Audita Ltd
Audita Ltd5 days ago
An ease on restrictions... so Christmas can be spent with family now.

Great new to hear and finally some positives from the PM

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Audita Ltd
Audita Ltd1 week ago
Today is the last day to reply to emails sent by HMRC in October if they believed your were no longer trading, failure to reply will result in not being able to apply for the next round of grants opening 30th Nov!

Make sure you check your emails and reply if you have been sent an email!!

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Audita Ltd1 week ago
Check out our new blog on the benefits of filing your tax return has!

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Audita Ltd
Audita Ltd
Audita Ltd3 weeks ago
*** Bounce Back Loans Scheme Update ***

As announced today lenders in the scheme now have the ability to offer a "top-up" to the bounce back loan... If you haven't already take full advantage of the 25% limit you can now apply for a "top-up" of you existing loan to help your business get through this pandemic.

Remember the scheme has been extended from a 5/6 year term to 10 years too!

#bounceback #comebackstronger #covid19uk

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